Crab fishing

Arriving in Kamchatka, you have a prospect of fishing in the Pacific Ocean. It is almost half of the world's oceans and occupies a third of our planet. The underwater world of the ocean is the richest and most diverse. There are over 850 species of algae, over 6 thousand species of mollusks, over 100 thousand species of animals, of which more than 3,5 thousand species of fish. Some of them, for example, crab-stigun opilio is abundant in Avacha Bay and beyond. To try this delicacy, to feel the real taste of a freshly brewed crab, and before this alone to catch it, I suggest to go on an exciting tour - fishing for a crab from a boat in the Pacific Ocean. This variant of fishing is suitable for all tourists, even for those who have never fished.

General information

- Tour time: June-September
- Duration: 7 hours (06:00 - 13:00)
- Group: 1-2 persons (on request up to 5 people)
- Accommodation: without accommodation

Description | cost of adventure

The cost for 1 person - from 11,000 ₽,
for 2 or more people - from 6,000 ₽ per person.

An example scenario of fishing for a crab from a boat in the ocean looks like this:
Departure from P. Kamchatsky to the bay usually occurs at 05:30 in the morning or a little later. The time of arrival to the reservoir is calculated in such a way that at 06:30 it is already on the water fully armed.
Having got on the water (having previously received permission to enter the ocean from the border guards) we leave on the motor for catching points and gradually display orders with authorized traps, checking several promising places in search of a crab. During the tour, fishermen have time to get the most pleasure from the fishing, master the ways of catching, cutting the crab and its correct cooking. The
After the fishing process is over, it's time to prepare it. To do this, we go to a calm bay, install all the necessary accessories and begin to cook the crab, having properly divided it.
After not long expectations, the most delicious part of this event comes - tasting of the caught, properly brewed crab in sea water. This process pleases holidaymakers, perhaps, most of all, brings great pleasure and is remembered for life! Well, a photo session with trophies is certainly special impressions, which can not be conveyed in words. In the by-catch, a delicious mollusc with a musical name "trumpeter" , which is very tasty and useful, like all sea products. After the end of the meal we collect gear, catch and go on the way back.

On board the vessel there is a special marine radio, to contact emergency services and Giems if necessary, lifejackets by the number of passengers, all necessary means of security, documents / permits for the fusion facility and being in the waters of the Pacific.
The vessel itself is a catamaran , has a special buoyancy, a self-draining cockpit, which makes it not drowned. Fishing on a catamaran allows you to go ashore in virtually any bay, walk between grottoes and approach the rocks for a minimum distance, which makes our trip more exciting and memorable.

- Any inventory / provisions can be purchased by me with the provision of accounting documents
- I reserve the right to change the scenario of the tour in connection with the change of weather conditions or any other factors.
- Upon request, we organize the transfer of groups of tourists to any destination with a distance of 100 km or more.

The cost of the program is included

- transfer from 10 km to the launch site (7 piers)
- guide services
- fishing training
- profit
- tackle Consultation
- saved vests
- mini photosession with trophies

The cost of the program is not included

- food
- transfer to the starting point (Shamsa shopping center 10 km.)

Recommended equipment

- waterproof / non-blowing warm clothes
- waders boots
- polarizing glasses
- cap
- photo / video equipment
- sunscreen
- first aid kit
- means for motion sickness (dramine tablets)


Nikolai and Anastasia from Polar Murmansk region (June 2018)
Ruslan, thank you for your help in mastering the profession of crab (by the example of Strygun crab fishing) :))) )!!!
Everything was great and great, you are an excellent instructor and master of your craft! My wife and I have experienced all the subtleties and nuances in mining :)!!
Once again many thanks and success in tourism!!! Rest rest - wake up in Kamchatka, all to Ruslan, do not wish!!!!

Irina Chechetka (May 2018)
Just a delightful gift from the spouse for the 10th anniversary of living together)))!!! I advise everyone! Here and adventure and extreme and fishing - all in one! Now I know about all the subtleties of crab catching! Simply delightful: the ocean shore, light wine, sea delicacies .... mmmm.
At Ruslan everything is thought over to trifles! No hiccups and uncomfortable situations! Attention and care to the tourist! Everything was just wonderful! The weather did not fail, the crab too! Husband caught in a trap even a flounder! Sincerely grateful! Ruslan development and all the best! And we certainly still turn! Until next time!

Andrei, St. Petersburg (May 2018)
With Ruslan went on a boat trip along the bay and catch crabs. It was interesting not only to look at the process, but also directly participate in it.
We were lucky to open the season 2018 first and honestly we did not think that the catch would be so significant. For 2.5-3 hours leisurely fishing was produced MUCH crab snow crab. After unloading, the catch was cooked and the most pleasant moment began, its eating)). Part of the ready crab, by the way, went to St. Petersburg.
I can recommend Ruslan, as a person of an experienced, responsible and knowledgeable business. The level of organization is on top!

Daria, Moscow (September 2017)
My name is Daria, I'm 12 years old.
My dad and I flew from Moscow to Kamchatka on his work. The
Even at home he said that we will definitely go to the ocean to someone else. So it turned out, we swam twice in the ocean, but most of all I liked fishing for a crab. The
It was very tasty, but to eat it we first caught it, Uncle Ruslan ruled the boat and Dad set and got the traps. Once the pope took out a whole bunch of crab and there were still sea stars and snails. We let out the stars and small crabs too. Uncle Ruslan said that if we do not let them go they will be offended and will not be caught any more. The
Then we went ashore and started building a bonfire to cook crabs. They quickly began to boil and were very red. The
I used to eat crabs, but these were delicious, probably because they are fresh. The
While we cooked them I took a walk along the edge of the river, it's very beautiful there, near a rock, a bunch of birds and various gulls. We also ate snails, they got to us several times, they are delicious too. The
I really enjoyed our trip, the sea was calm and I learned to catch crabs. I told the class how we caught it, now everyone envies me. No one has such photos with terrible crabs. The
When my dad still goes to Kamchatka, I will definitely go too, I want to go somewhere else, it's very interesting, we have no such place in Moscow.

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