Chinook salmon in Kamchatka

Many enthusiastic fishermen fly to Kamchatka for the coveted trophy - Chinook salmon. One of the most accessible and promising places to capture this beauty weighing more than 20 kilograms is the Bolshaya River in the Ust-Bolsheretsky district. In the period from June 1 to June 15, there is a chance to catch the largest individuals, in the second half of June it is generally accepted that the main herd is from 3.5 to 12 kg., Well, from July 1 to July 15, bites become more frequent, because the next salmon of chum salmon and pink salmon is already beginning to appear in the river. In by-catch most often there will be a sim, also in the river there are constantly present mykizha (rainbow trout), char, brownfish and grayling. This fishing is certainly trophy! you should not expect very frequent bites, but those who are lucky to feel it on their hook will remember this fight for life! Even not very large fish will bring a lot of pleasure when fighting.
In many respects, the success of fishing depends on careful preparation and the right gear, I recommend that you thoroughly study the issue and, if necessary, seek advice.

General information

- Tour time: June 01 - July 15
- Weight of trophies: from 3 -20 kg
- Duration: 1 or more days
- Group: 1-10 people (on request more than 10 people)
- Accommodation: campground (there is a full shower, toilet and all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay)

Description | cost of adventure

- One-day fishing - at 6,500 ₽ per person per day
- Fishing with a camp for several days - from 10,000 ₽ per person. per day
- Transfers to remote locations are paid additionally

Camp fishing tour for the following salmon species:
Chinook salmon, sima, char, kunja, rainbow trout (mikizha), grayling.

Big, Fast (Malkinskaya), Plotnikova, Karymchina.

What is my camp:
This is a fully equipped camp, where there is absolutely everything for a comfortable life and convenience of guests.
These are spacious cubic tents in which you can stand at full height, folding beds 210 * 80 cm, designed for a weight of more than 100 kg, a hot shower, etc.

A brief description of what is available:
The campground is mobile and completely autonomous, installed in any suitable place (river, Pacific coast, etc.), in multi-day tours it is possible to move to different rivers:

• Accommodation in tents, Japanese double cube tent HIGASHI CAMO DOUBLE PYRAMID measuring 2.3 * 4.6 * 2.0 (WxDxH), very spacious, we will also place personal items inside
• Lounge / dining room -year-old kitchen (marquee) Higashi Yurta Camp Camo 4.6 * 4.6 * 2.1 (LxWxH)
• Shower Tent
• Tent toilet
• Generator (the ability to charge electric appliances plus constant illumination of the camp perimeter at night)
• Refrigerator
• Chainsaw
• Large awning for protection against rain
• Folding beds (210 * 80 cm, weight over 100 kg)
• Carimates
• Camping furniture (comfortable chairs, tables, etc.)
• Two stoves (two comforts each) on propane gas
• Completely all utensils (plates, spoons, kettle, pots and pans, cutlery, etc.)
• Full hot shower
• Equipped space for rods
• Security measures from wild animals, etc.

Approximate schedule of a fishing tour for 5 days (Bolshaya river):
Day 1:
Transfer to the river Large (210 km; 3.5 hours); Transfer by motor boats (30 minutes) to the camp; Accommodation Dinner; Fishing from the shore; Dinner; Relaxation.

Day 2 - 4:  
Breakfast; Fishing from the shore or from a boat (depending on the place and level of water), along the channels and the main channel of the river; Lunch (on the river or in the camp (optional); Fishing; Dinner; Rest.

Day 5:
Breakfast; Fishing from the shore or from a boat (depending on the place and level of water), along the channels and the main channel of the river; Lunch at the camp; Preparation for departure; Transfer by motor boats to the place of the start of the transfer; Transfer to the city (210 km, 3.5 hours); Accommodation in a hotel or recreation center with hot springs; Relaxation.

Day 6:
Transfer to the airport (organized independently); Departure

It is possible to organize additional excursions within 1-3 days (additional charge). Most often this is sea fishing and crab fishing with a tasting of caught seafood on the Pacific Ocean.

Multi-day group tours include:
3 meals a day, completely the entire infrastructure of the camp, boat / guide / gasoline, license (one per person per day).

Not included:
Tackle (I give a detailed consultation), a sleeping bag (this is hygiene), alcohol / cigarettes, a transfer (to remote locations). There is an option for renting various equipment.

- Any inventory / provisions can be purchased by me with the provision of accounting documents
- I reserve the right to change the scenario of the tour in connection with a change in weather conditions or other factors.

The cost of the program is included

All fishing tours include:
- boat / guide / gasoline
- snack
- fishing training
- bear safety products
- saved vests (when using plav means)
- photo session with trophies
- license (one per person per day)

Multi-day group tours include:
- 3 meals a day
- completely the entire infrastructure of the camp
- boat / guide / gasoline
- license (one per person per day).

The cost of the program is not included

- gear (various equipment rental is possible)
- transfer (to remote locations)
- sleeping bags

Recommended equipment

- waterproof / non-blown warm clothing
- Wading boots / waders
- polarizing glasses
- headlamp
- hat / cap
- sleeping bag
- tube for safety gear
- photo / video equipment
- insect repellent
- sun protection
- individual first aid kit
- personal care products
- replaceable shoes for moving around the camp
- hermo bag for things


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