Coho salmon hunting

There are more than 14,000 rivers in Kamchatka, and in order to catch coho salmon, it is not necessary to climb into the depths of the peninsula. This type of salmon is also found in accessible rivers, in large numbers, which can be accessed by a prepared car. Coho is caught in the river. Avache, Paratunka, Fast, Big and many others. In addition to coho salmon, at different times of the summer season you can catch char, sesame, pink salmon, chum salmon, and Chinook salmon, sim, mykizha (rainbow trout), grayling can also be found in the Fast, Plotnikova and Big rivers.

General information

- Tour time: August 01 - October 30
- Duration: 1 or more days
- Group: 1-10 people (on request more than 10 people)
- Accommodation: campground (there is a full shower, toilet and all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay)

Description | cost of adventure

- One-day fishing - from 6,500 ₽ per person. per day.
- Fishing with a camp for several days - from 10,000 ₽ per person. per day.
- Transfers to remote locations are paid additionally

Fishing tours with an overnight stay and without for the following types of salmon:
Coho salmon, char, kunja, rainbow trout (mikizha), grayling.

Bolshaya, Bystraya (Malkinskaya), Plotnikova, Karymchina, Paratunka, Avacha, Pinachevskaya.

What is my camp:
This is a fully equipped camp, where there is absolutely everything for a comfortable life and convenience of guests.
These are spacious cubic tents in which you can stand at full height, folding beds 210 * 80 cm, designed for a weight of more than 100 kg, a hot shower, etc.

A brief description of what is available:
The campground is mobile and completely autonomous, installed in any suitable place (river, Pacific coast, etc.), in multi-day tours it is possible to move to different rivers:

• Accommodation in tents, Japanese double cube tent HIGASHI CAMO DOUBLE PYRAMID measuring 2.3 * 4.6 * 2.0 (WxDxH), very spacious, we will also place personal items inside
• Lounge / dining room -year-old kitchen (marquee) Higashi Yurta Camp Camo 4.6 * 4.6 * 2.1 (LxWxH)
• Shower Tent
• Tent toilet
• Generator (the ability to charge electric appliances plus constant illumination of the camp perimeter at night)
• Refrigerator
• Chainsaw
• Large awning for protection against rain
• Folding beds (210 * 80 cm, weight over 100 kg)
• Carimates
• Camping furniture (comfortable chairs, tables, etc.)
• Two stoves (two comforts each) on propane gas
• Completely all utensils (plates, spoons, kettle, pots and pans, cutlery, etc.)
• Full hot shower
• Equipped space for rods
• Security measures from wild animals, etc.

Approximate schedule of a fishing tour for 5 days (Bolshaya river):

Day 1:

Transfer to the river. Large (210 km; 3.5 hours); Transfer by motor boats (30 minutes) to the camp; Accommodation Dinner; Fishing from the shore; Dinner; Relaxation.

Day 2 - 4:  
Breakfast; Fishing from the shore or from a boat (depending on the place and level of water), along the channels and the main channel of the river; Lunch (on the river or in the camp (optional); Fishing; Dinner; Rest.

Day 5:
Breakfast; Fishing from the shore or from a boat (depending on the place and level of water), along the channels and the main channel of the river; Lunch at the camp; Preparation for departure; Transfer by motor boats to the place of the start of the transfer; Transfer to the city (210 km, 3.5 hours); Accommodation in a hotel or recreation center with hot springs; Relaxation.

Day 6:
Transfer to the airport (organized independently); Departure

It is possible to organize additional excursions within 1-3 days (additional charge). Most often this is sea fishing and crab fishing with a tasting of caught seafood on the Pacific Ocean.

Multi-day group tours include:
3 meals a day, completely the entire infrastructure of the camp, boat / guide / gasoline, license (one per person per day).

Not included:  
Tackle (I give a detailed consultation), a sleeping bag (this is hygiene), alcohol / cigarettes, a transfer (to remote locations). There is an option for renting various equipment.

- Any inventory / provisions can be purchased by me with the provision of accounting documents
- I reserve the right to change the scenario of the tour in connection with a change in weather conditions or other factors.

The cost of the program is included

All fishing tours include:
- boat / guide / gasoline
- snack
- fishing training
- bear safety products
- saved vests (when using plav means)
- photo session with trophies
- license (one per person per day)

Multi-day group tours include:
- 3 meals a day
- completely the entire infrastructure of the camp
- boat / guide / gasoline
- license (one per person per day).

The cost of the program is not included

- gear (various equipment rental is possible)
- transfer (to remote locations)
- sleeping bags

Recommended equipment

- waterproof / non-blown warm clothing
- wading boots / waders
- polarizing glasses
- headlamp
- hat / cap
- sleeping bag
- tube for safety gear
- photo / video equipment


Sviridov Alexander Moscow (August 2019)  
After fishing trips to the lower and middle Volga, where there are really a lot of fish, I wanted something more exotic. Pike, common carp, pike perch and catfish also inhabit our Iriklinsky reservoir. And somewhere far in the east of our vast country there is Kamchatka, the edge of a thousand rivers, volcanoes, bears and, of course, strong fish of the salmon family. And so, at baptism, having bathed in the ice-hole, sitting in the bathhouse, my friends realized that it was time to visit this wonderful land. The choice fell on fishing for coho salmon - we are going at the end of August.
In February, Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky tickets were bought at a very nice price. I wanted to incorporate more fishing and the atmosphere of wildlife of this region. At first they thought to opt for rafting along one of the many rivers, but I did not want to miss the coho salmon. Still, the most fishing place proposed is the Bolshaya River. We started the search for suitable offers. There are many offers in Chavyche suitable for coho salmon - less. Found Ruslana. He promptly responded, and correspondence began on WhatsApp. During the correspondence, we already had a clear idea of ​​how our tour for coho salmon and one day fishing for Kamchatka crab would go. Yes, the crab is another symbol of Kamchatka, where you can still catch it, if not there.
And then came August. Recent clarifications, I ordered a rental spinning, exchanged phones with a transfer, sent scans of passports for licenses. Everyone flew out. Elizovo. We got luggage, met with the second half of the group (they traveled through Novosibirsk), now our team is assembled. We load into a minibus, on the way we call for strong tea, where without it, and after 250 km of a different road we are on the river.
We say hello, load into boats, and with two walks we leave to the place where our camp will be from Monday to Friday - our house. I must say that there will be two teams in the camp: the first - there are four of us, the second - a family of three, as well as two guides Ruslan, Alexei and culinary master Olga.
After less than a kilometer, we have already seen the local owner - this gives the trip the desired flavor. In place, Ruslan and Alexei quickly set up camp, part of the team was resting, and the most impatient ones had already caught pink salmon, which means that the famous Kamchatka five-minute clock will be on the table. We have dinner, get to know each other and sleep. Tomorrow, we will consider the first day of fishing in coho salmon.
The first day.
Rise at 5:00, breakfast and Ruslan, the two of us are driven to the coveted hole, where, perhaps, we will catch coho salmon. A deaf hook happened with a friend the night before and so as not to make mistakes in the morning I suggested he immediately put in a litter that was not verified in these places to examine the local backwater, which later turned out to be one of the most catchy, and with the words: “Here, keep the shitty one!” - I give him mine.
And what can I say, as it happens, in a row, almost every cast takes 5 coho salmon, and I take one. How do you like that ?! I would have been happy for a friend, but I had become a wicked fisherman. A friend went on a catch-and-go fishing trip, but I still couldn’t take a second one that day. The second group of our team caught one coho salmon, right at the camp, but the largest specimen. During the day, everyone wound their hands with pink salmon. When nursing during the course, the pink salmon male is able to deliver a vivid impression to the fisherman.
Second day.
I remember badly, there was no coho salmon, I drank tea, local hamsters were designated here and there. The weather was different: from hot to foggy))).
Day Three
In the morning we hit the coveted hole. And I have two good-sized coho salads, well, that’s why my bad one let me go. Even Ruslan perked up, to see yesterday I complained to him about the difficult fate of a fisherman waiting for coho salmon to leave. The guys also caught coho salmon - the morning was a success. All day a little team caught this strong fish. And the guys from the other team see picked up a key to him.
Our guides have chosen a good parking spot. It was possible to estimate by the number of boats from neighboring bases who wanted to go fishing at our camp. They landed on our island and also successfully fished. That day I stood until dark and still pulled out two silver fish, when everyone was already having dinner. Coho went.
The fourth day, the final, on the river Bolshaya.
Rise at 5:00. But not everyone stood up. The guys could not part for a long time, since that evening was the last on this place and today we only have a duck-off, and fees. We went fishing at the camp together. Poklevka ... and away we go! In 15-20 minutes my license was closed - five silvery beauties lay on the shore. The partner also has a good result. Here, from the noise of fighting with salmon, the entire camp is already on its feet. Everyone has the joy of fighting with fish. Go fishing "caught-let go" did not work out completely, namely: two fish left with a bait one after another.
At first I thought that the cord had worn out, tied it up, unwinding about 10 meters. Then the nibble subsided, possibly due to a change in spinners (there were none like that) and we went to pack on the road. It was necessary to put all things together and cut the fish. Salting it, we took it with us. In the remaining time after the fees, before the arrival of the transfer, we went to catch more. He pulled out one small one, and on the next two bites there was a cliff. Then, already on the way to Petropavlovsk, I remembered that I tightened the clutch a little more and this affected.
Our team was taken by the first walker. The guides returned to assemble the camp. The river part of fishing is over. Tomorrow we have crabs in Avacha Bay.
On coho salmon, I’ll say that everything worked out perfectly. This is the right strategy: we took four days out of five for fishing, the best bite was on the last day. Choosing Ruslan, we didn’t miss it, a pleasant person in communication, ensured both good fishing and comfortable life, I did not forget to take photos and videos with trophies of clients. It is felt that they are a good team with guide Alexei. Special thanks to the culinary master - he fulfilled all our whims and surprised me with a variety of dishes.

Alekperov Andrey Moscow (August 2019)  
A small report on weekly fishing in the company of Ruslan - the organizer and curator of all our Wishlist in Kamchatka. I found the option right here on the site, having reinforced the info from instagram, I decided to entrust the trip to him and did not fail, for which I thank him separately.
I took my not-so-young parents to fishing, who promised an unforgettable experience of fishing and Kamchatka. Acquaintance-warm-up began from the Bystraya river, where we were on the first day and where my first sockeye salmon with caviar was caught.
Then there were crabs in Avacha Bay in the company of our Chinese brothers, who, despite their small growth, “cracked” a large half of the caught and cooked crabs.
Then there were unforgettable 5 days on the Bolshaya River (250 km from Petropavlovsk) in the company of 4 more guys in the camp. I want to express my gratitude to Ruslan and guide Alexei for the thoughtful organization of the departure process and of course for the opportunity to break away in full coho salmon. They also managed to catch pink salmon, chum salmon, char, mikizu, kunju. Mostly Blue-Fox type turntables worked. Thanks again!

Akhmatova Laysan, Republic of Bashkortostan (August 2019)  
Kamchatka is the dream of every fisherman. You can’t come to the Kamchatka Territory and not enjoy fishing. Gambling fishermen are even people like me who have never before held a fishing rod in their hands. Fall in love with fishing, just impossible! My husband and I planned about fishing earlier. We got acquainted with all the reviews and recommendations, our choice was on Ruslan). Phoned, agreed on a date and time. Ruslan was in an excellent mood, with all the necessary equipment, to pick us up early in the morning, on the day agreed upon in advance by us. We went to the river, which flows into the Bering Sea. The river is interesting for fishing, especially in July and August, when pink salmon, chum salmon, and coho salmon rise. Bought a license and on the road in search of fish. Despite the light drizzle, the views of nature were fascinating, and the air, in the absence of any production throughout Kamchatka, was intoxicating without medicine)). The first bite was not immediately, at first the fish constantly broke off the hook and my husband and I were even a little upset. But, thanks to Ruslan and his professionalism (he pointed out a mistake), fish began to be caught. It is impossible to describe our emotions and joys experienced from the first salmon caught in your life. We recommend Ruslana to all friends and acquaintances! Be sure to use his service again! The plans of fishing for crab). Definitely only with Ruslan! Thank you Ruslan! For the warm welcome and your professionalism.

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